We make sure that all those boring things that have to do with your economy magically get taken care of. And we make it seem easy and fun. Fortner is a certified accounting firm with authorized accountants ready to help you and your company sort out your book keeping, invoicing, salaries, payroll and taxes, as well as offers qualified guidance concerning all aspects of your finances. With multiple offices across Sweden and smart, digital tools and services, we’ll always be close at hand and ready to help.

Businesses without borders

To establish a company or subdivision abroad can be a lot to handle. Every country has its own separate set of rules and requirements. Fortner can help set up your company in Sweden, guide you through the entire process and make sure that everything is done in accordance with Swedish laws and regulations. We take care of any permits, reports and/or documentations required by the relevant authorities and make sure that all the financial reporting is done by the book. Fortner will provide guidance and recommendation to make sure that you can establish a successful business in Sweden.

A one stop shop for starting a business in Sweden

The only accounting app you need

Fund administration

Fortner’s fund management is done through a web-based and well-established portfolio system. We have a dedicated team that performs back office services for both large and small funds, and we are of course approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to carry out the reporting required in the various fund regulations.

Support in digitalized handling of documents and salaries

As a self-employed person, it is easy to drown in paper when you should instead be focused on your own business and core competency. We help you by taking care of scanning and invoicing, time reporting, receipts and expenses as well setting up shared cloud based services for reporting and ease of access.